AS3210 "Rifyle"

AS3210 is an UHF RFID analog front-end.

It targets sub-gigahrertz RF harvesting and demodulation applications.

Battery Free

Fully harvested by RFID readers

Small silicon Area

Only 1mm² with storage cap

Regulated supply output

Available for your system


Sensitivity <-10dBm

To harvest your system remotely

Internal Analog amplifier

Low Noise Amplifier

Regulated power supply

1.2V for 100µA

Demodulated data

Available on a pad for preamble detection

Our offer

Odoo • Image and Text

Analog Front end IC or IP

  • Only 1mm² with storage cap

  • Automotive compliant from -40°C up to 125°C

  • Optional 20dB and 40dB instrumentation amplifier

  • POR signal for external device triggering

  • Custom design upon demand

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